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Wow, been like forever since I cared about this thing. Do I even check my messages half the time, ya ask? No. No I don't.

But I've been so busy with nothing work and stuff... you guys ain't mad at me, are ya? ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽

(i will take any and all excuses to use that fucking emoticon omk)

So nothin's new, really, case you wanted ta know. I mean, for eryone who knows me in real life. For all o' y'all who don't, then a metric fuckton (fucktonne? is it just imperial fuckton?) of stuff has happened to me since last year. I got a boyfriend- lost the boyfriend- got another boyfriend- got a bunch more pets- lost a bunch more pets- bought really dumb music- ya know, normal stuff! My life's been like a rollercoaster, really! A dangerous, hilarious rollercoaster! I love that 'bout life. 

Sorry I stopped postin' things, though. Paper scribbles ain't my thing but you should see my honey's drawings, they're so cute! would be cuter if he finished 'em though ehhehehe hinthint so I figured that if I didn't like 'em, ya probably wouldn't either.

Uhh... what else, what else, what else? It's been real snowy here for a while. Parkhi's afraid of the snow for some reason (only when it's fallin') but she'll puff her little way through snow drifts all the time. She's so adorable. 
My kitty Greymalkin's gettin' a little sick, though... we don't really have a vet nearby, but I'm gonna see if I can find a Shathran-friendly one in the north or somethin'. Folks in the north are really really really nice to us. It's just the people nearby that hate us. Prob'ly 'cause the King's a douchebag. don't even start a fight with me bitch i will not tolerate you

Uhhhhh... work's been fine, I guess. Shin's got a cold, so he's all sniffly. It's gettin' hard ta take 'im serious when he sounds like that. But Ruina's been takin' care of 'im, and Vahaz is always sittin' 'round and waitin' for patients anyway. Oh, and Mienala caught a mewfain. ('Member, the squirrel-y things?) She's tryin' ta teach it tricks. It's great.

Don't think I've got anythin' else ta say. Nice ta be back, though!

don't hate me 
༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽
  • Listening to: Hips Don't Lie- Shakira
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Shaolyre Ruzibayne
Preferred name: Shao Ruzibayne

I don't really have a reason to be on deviantART, but I'm here anyway.


March 21/14 (Greymalkin)

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I'm glad ta hear you're keepin' busy! An' I'm doin' fine- spendin' a lotta time with the fam'ly and the hubby lately, which is ne'er a bad thing. ( ̄▽+ ̄*)
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